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Restaurant reviews in Thonglor Ekamai

We love to try many different restaurants in Thonglor Ekamai... We all have to eat right? We'll share our experiences and also take pictures of what we ate at Thonglor Ekamai. Enjoy!

Tim Ho Wan - one of the most famous Hong Kong dim sum and “the most affordable Michelin-starred” restaurant in 2010 can be experienced at Gateway Ekamai (and other branches too like Terminal 21). I’ve heard quite a lot about this restaurant especially for those who have visited Hong Kong... Read more

Suki Masa at Thonglor 5

Oct. 12, 2016 184
Located at Thonglor 5, approximately 50 meters from the top of the soi, there you can find Suki Masa, a Japanese Sukiyaki Kansai style restaurant. I was told by a friend of a friend that this place is worth a try so we gathered there for a taste of opportunity. Read more
Located between thoglor soi 6 and 8, SUPANNIGA EATING ROOM is a northeastern or Isaan style Thai restaurant. If you are looking for traditional home made Isaan food, SUPANNIGA EATING ROOM may be the place for you. Read more
Hakone Japanese restaurant is situated at Gateway Ekamai right on the same floor when you come in from the BTS skytrain. Nearly all the restaurants in Gateway Ekamai are Japanese restaurants and one of them is Hakone which I have never heard of this restaurant before. The restaurant is managed... Read more
It was time for dinner on a Saturday night at Thonglor Ekamai. We all had different suggestions on what to eat but it seems that we cannot get down to a mutual agreement. One of us said Maisen, the other said Shakariki 432 and the other said leaving Thonglor Ekamai... Read more